Ais Clinics & Hospital – Early diagnosis, solution for the patient!

The Medical Clinics Division was established in 2005, currently reaching a number of four clinics that operate in modern medical buildings, equipped with ultra-performant devices and serving more than 25 medical specialties.

The basis of AIS Clinics & Hospital’s development is due to the quality of our services and the experience and professionalism of our medical staff. In our clinics you can benefit from free medical services, because we work in contract with the health insurance houses CASMB and AOPSNAJ.

Within our medical clinics, all the consultations, investigations and treatments are completed by the latest methods for any kind of illness, the patient benefiting from complete medical services: balneo physiotherapy, kinetotherapy and medical recovery, cardiology, general surgery, dermatology, dermato-venerology, ultrasound, endocrinology, obstetrics – gynecology, family medicine, internal medicine, occupational medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, ENT, orthopedics, pediatrics, pneumology, psychiatry, psychology, radiology, dentistry, urology, etc.

In AIS Clinics & Hospital, the patients benefit from an integrated medical service: family medicine, medical specialties, and pharmacies, all in the same location, that actually represents a service that saves patients’ time.

Our pharmacies located in each clinic are in contract with the National Health Insurance House, offering the possibility of giving compensated medication to the patient.

Implication and social participation are moral duties so we do consider that the right to information and to health are fundamental.

We have started the program “EVALUATION AND MONITORING THE HEALTH OF POPULATION” with the specific purpose of improving the health status through early diagnosis and solution offered to the patient.


AIS CLINICS & HOSPITAL – Centru de diagnosticare, tratament si recuperare medicala