Health is our profession and passion, and the goal of AIS Clinics & Hospital is to improve the quality of life of each patient by ensuring the prevention, diagnosis and management of occupational diseases, as well as promoting the employee’s health.

In accordance with the legal provisions, we perform:

  • Medical examination on hiring;
  • Medical examination at adaptation;
  • Regular medical examination;
  • Medical examination for resuming the activity.

The services offered within the Department of Labor Medicine are distinguished by the professionalism of the team, the modern endowment, the flexibility of the offers and the services strictly adapted to the needs of our clients.


Advantages of Acquisition of Labor Medicine Services:

  • Reduction of costs generated by temporary incapacity (medical leave);
  • Prevention of occupational accidents and illness;
  • Evaluate and solve current employees’ health problems, either directly or by referring to the required medical specialties;
  • Regular medical checkups can detect possible health problems, the patient being introduced into the health status check;
  • Compliance with legislative requirements in the field;



Benefits offered by AIS Clinics & Hospital:

  • We personalize the price according to: number of employees, professional categories, number of investigations
  • Issuance of the aptitude sheet is done within 48 hours of the medical examination of medical work
  • We go to medical headquarters for medical investigations (displacement of the medical team and the necessary equipment does not involve additional costs for more than 10 people);
  • The program is Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 16.30, there is the possibility to work on Saturdays;
  • We offer a 10% discount for medical consultations, functional explorations and additional laboratory analyzes that are not included in the occupational medicine package for both employees and first degree members of their families;
  • Possibility of registering the employees with our family doctors, with many advantages due to the large number of specialties and medical services paid by the Health Insurance House.